D-shape 3d printer

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mobile robot arm equiped with a waterjet cutter

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3D resin printer

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3D brick stacking

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Services AcoTech delivers:

Robotic lines can be accomplished with new robots or refurbished robots.

AcoTech has its own stock of robots that can either be bought or rented (For stock click here). Having own stock combined with house made smart-software, enables Acotech to provide an operational robotic line within one day. Besides, AcoTech has it’s own service and maintenance branches, in which service & maintenance of the whole robotic line is taken care of.

A grasp of robotic processes Acotech Robotics controls:

Universalality and modularity

Universality makes the return on investment of an Acotech robot more favorable than regular robots. That is because a robot with Acotech is no longer process dependent and therefore extremely dynamic. A robot can be used for various production processes within one procedure. For example: a product can be 3D-printed, handled and polished with one single robot. Making the return-of-investment interesting.

Modularity is important for AcoTech as it makes robotics accessible for every manufacturing company. For instance: a robot with a track length of 5 Meter is expandable when the production company has enough capital to expand. Adding new robotic processes when the first process has proven itself is easy with Acotech Software. The availability of renting is another example of incremental production innovation with robotics.

AcoTech Robotics

De Geest 4 5439 NJ 
Linden, Netherlands

Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm
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Sunday, 11am - 5pm

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