Shell / NAM Stage-2

For maintenance project Stage-2 of Shell and NAM of a large gas pumping installation, Acotech built a mobile robot arm equipped with a water-jet cutter. We used this system to make a very accurate cut in the installation, working from a 6m high scaffold. Bringing the machine to the object in this way  made disassembly of the pumping installation unneeded. Due to the complexity of the installation not disassembling and reassembling the installation reduced downtime by 4 weeks, significantly cutting costs and delay of the project.

D-shape 3d printer

For construction company BAM we, in collaboration with Enrico Dini, developed a powder based 3D printer.  

3D resin printer

In collaboration with D steel printing company MX3d we developed  a robotic 3d resin printer able to 3d print in 

3D brick stacking

Production of a table by stacking steel bricks of 1 by 1cm in a specific pattern. This is a good example of measuring