AcoTech is a robotics company based in Linden, the Netherlands, developing robotic manufacturing technologies for various applications and industries that enable mass customization for big and small businesses. It is our ambition to provide robotic systems and software that make robotic manufacturing technology, sustainable, accessible and manageable. Join us on the road to robotic automation and click here



The robot itself is process independent and can thus be used with multiple processes and tools, like 3d milling, finishing or welding more processes can also be added later.


We believe that nowadays every company should have access to automation and all the advantages automation brings. Making sure every one can use the system is therefore a top priority! To enable this we also offer lease and rent- constructions of Robots.

One stop shop

RobotDirector incorporates all different aspects of the manufacturing process, from CAD to Gcode to Robot movement and tool control. Next to software, AcoTech has been certified ABB dealer since 2007, can supply tooling, turn key manufacturing cells, partners with track manufacturers, provide remote assistance and on-site servicing.

Mass Customization

Besides being able to produce mass customized designs and one piece productions economically, AcoTech is able to develop specialized computational design tools further automating your design and production capabilities.

Proven Technology

Our hard & software has been used extensively by established companies in wide ranging industries and applications for large series automation and one piece production.


Since multiple tools and processes can be controlled with the same easy to use software, as you expand your machinery, personnel can directly start to work with new tools and processes. Due to the possibility of renting a robot, up and down-scaling can be done without huge investments.

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