Dry-ice cleaning & (Automated) Laser measurements robot

Dry ice is used as a cleaning method for various purposes. Cleaning with ice is a revolutionary method in which the ice (compressed CO2 in solid form) is used in a blast. This method of cleaning is therefore particularly environmentally friendly, effective and time-saving. Ice blasting can also be used without problems for applications where cleaning with water or sand is prohibited by law or not desireable. Because the pellets dissolve without residues, no waste water is created

Laser measurements can be done with the strong combination of FARO laser equipment and software to automatically check the accuracy of the robot. This can help calibrate the Toolcentrepoint(TCP) perfectly and check to what extent the robot is accurate. 

Way of working:

Exploring possibilities

An introduction in which we discuss the possibilities of AcoTech Robotics robotization for your organization. Together we identify possible suitable production processes and discuss the working method of AcoTech robotics

Complete checklist The characteristics of the process are included in a simple checklist. We use this to calculate your business case: the value that the robot has for your department or organization. So you know exactly what the costs and results of your robot are.

(Technical) Feasibility study We perform a technical and logical feasibility study. This allows us to determine with absolute certainty whether the process is suitable for robotization. The process is performed offline (in a simulation) via a digital twin of the potential robot. This way we can asses the feasibility very accurate. 

Proposal Based on the business case and the feasibility study, we make a proposal with a guaranteed result. You decide on this basis whether we can build the robot.