Technology- RobotDirector & lasercalibration


Program editor

Create complex robot programs by simple drap and drop programming. Add user input, change tools, change work-objects, Gcodes and Directly create and import CAD generated Gcodes. After creating the program test, simulate and finetune directly from RobotDirector. This allows you to optimize programs in an offline environment reducing downtime and maximizing production.


  • Add Tools

New tools and processes like for instance:  external axes and 3d print extruders can easily be added to the database of Robotdirector and used directly in your robot programs allowing for rapid prototyping. It creates the opportunity to quickly implement new processes in order to get the state of the art products.

  • Combine Tools

The software lets you use various tools and processes interchangeably simply by dragging and dropping the tool into your program. This makes it possible to combine multiple tools during one operation. This significantly reduces the changeover of the production plant.

  • Process experience

After years of experience in the art of automation, we have gained experience in a lot of processes:

  1. 3D milling
  2. 3D printing
    1. Plastics
    2. Steel
    3. Ceramics
    4. Concrete
    5. Powder based
    6. Brick pixels
  3. Welding
  4. Handling
  5. Assembly
  6. Surface finishing
  7. ….(your application?)….

Physical / Digital Synchronization

  • Virtually extended range
    Machine range is never big enough. That is why we developed advanced positioning software using laser-tracker technologies to synchronize the physical world with the digital world within seconds. This enables us to continue on the same exact path after physically moving the robot, allowing us to let the robot operate on location of the object. Bringing a robot to the object reduces the downtime of the object and reduces transport costs. 
  • Cooperative robots
    By being able to synchronize the physical and digital world of  the robot, multiple robots be synchronized to a single coordinate system allowing them to work independently on the same object simultaneously.
  • Measurement & Calibration

    Robots are very decent at repeating movement but not as good at making precise absolute movement. In order to compensate for this weakness a laser tracker, touch-sensor or measurement arm can be used to accurately measure the absolute positions, this data can than be used to correct coordinates to improve the absolute accuracy of the robot. This technology can also be used to accurately calibrate robotic joints. 

    The laser tracker used for these purposes is able to measure at up to 0.02mm accuracy at a distance of 80m taking 20 measurements per second. 

    The software to achieve this can easily be adapted for compatibility with new and/or different measurement technologies like total stations or measurement arms. 

  • Analyzing measurements
    Using the custom CAD plugin you can analyze measurements in the 3D view-port and see where it differs from the theoretical model, change the Gcode in the view-port and regenerate the Gcode.


  • Rhino plugin
    Acotech works with 3d modeling software Rhinoceros, for which we have developed our own plugin enabling you to easily convert your 3d designs into gcode for the various tools and processes.
  • Software compatibility
    Due to the open software architecture of RobotDirector and its interpretation of Gcode the RobotDirector can easily integrate third party applications.